In loving memory,

It has been awhile since I’ve been on this page to write but recently, I have been inclined to share my ah gong’s testimonial. I have hesitating and holding back for months now. I initially had the idea of doing so, but having to relive those memories were tougher than I’ve had imagined. However, God has been prompting me to share my ah gong’s testimonial as victorious (and it in itself has been pretty cool).

Don’t leave the page now, I urge you to read on. This isn’t me trying to be all preachy, but instead an attempt to share a glimpse of who God really is.

I can’t remember exactly how and when God prompted me again to share ah gong’s testimonial but these incidences leading up to today, I believe are not coincidences but indeed encouragements. Having completed all my major submissions for this semester, I was looking for a good book to read, I opened our book cabinet (which I NEVER do) and I saw a book titled ‘Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander. His story of how he had a Near Death Experience for all the skeptics out there, you’d have your fair share of objections but that’s for another story now. I found it amazing because the appearance of this book in my household was (kinda) unknown — my mom claimed it isn’t her book and it probably isn’t my dad’s either. Well, the contents of the book solidified and clarified my faith (I might share more after I finish the book, 30 more pages to go~)

Anyway, I was STILL hesitating because: (1) I struggled and (2) I’m just lazy.

(12 April 2019) In my LAST lecture of the semester, before my class test, the prof played this video. Well, what has it to do with all these? On the bus ride to this class, God placed the idea of sharing my ah gong’s testimony in my head yet again.

BUT I STILL PROCRASTINATED, till now. In light of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I am going to share a story on love.

10 February 2019: I am prompted to share your testimony but I struggle to get through this…  

I clenched the white origami crane that I folded as I approached your bedside. It was you who taught me how to fold paper cranes. Your eyes glazed as they stared into the distance. It was only the previous day when you acknowledged my presence. You responded to me greeting you by calling my name… but not today. 

Soon after, the nurses came in to switch off the machine that monitored your heart rate and oxygen levels. The constant beeping made by the machine stopped, silence overwhelmed the room except for the hissing of your oxygen bag. I felt anxious. The beeps were what I clung on to as the signs of you still fighting for your life. Apparently, the doctors decided that the beeps were causing more anxiety because the rapid beeping reporting a low heart rate or low oxygen level would only occur more frequently as time went by. Still, those beeps confirmed that you were still alive.

A little back story, ah gong was admitted mid 2018 because he was not feeling well. His conditions deteriorated from there. 9 November 2018, my mother sent me a text saying “I am going to hospital. Ah gong like not doing good”, he wanted to get baptised. He sang “Jesus loves me”. He continued to deteriorate. 27 November 2018, the day before ah gong deteriorated to the point where he could speak no longer. The last words he spoke of were:

“Jesus loves me… Please pray for me… Jesus loves all of you. ”  

In the book ‘Proof of Heaven’, Eben mentioned the vast love of God that surpasses all earthly understanding. The kind of peace that washes over you, unexplainable by the bounds of human words. His take away from his experience at a glimpse of heaven was that God is love.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” -John 3:16

I then, truly understood. Just as Jesus is victorious, ah gong’s testimonial is victorious in Christ over physical pain, disease, physical death and everything of this world. Of course we miss ah gong’s physical being on earth but we have hope that one day, we be reunited in heaven! Here is the good news! Because of Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins, because He experienced physical and spiritual death (because sin separates us from God and Jesus had to bear the burden of ALL OUR SINS so that WE did not ever have to experience that and so that WE can have a loving relationship with God), we celebrate His resurrection that proves that HE IS RISEN, He overcame death!

If you’ve read till this point, I want to urge you not to judge/know God based on christians of this world but instead, judge us based on God’s standards because He is perfect and we are made in His image. I also encourage you to personally get to know God for WHO HE IS (and not, who christians are). God is love. I really hope you would encounter love as great as this!! Love that gives you peace, even in death. Just as how ah gong found peace in Jesus’ love, it is my prayer that you too will be blessed with such amazing grace and love. 🙂

Eight Blessings

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 9.33.14 AM.png

As of 6pm today, I am 50% done with my internship. Through the past 8 weeks or so, I have only focused on the complains of early mornings and have not been focusing on how thoroughly blessed I am instead. My take-away from Our Daily Bread this morning has prompted me to acknowledge the blessings I have received.

Lord, so often we feel trapped by our mistakes, thinking there’s no future left for us. Remind us that you are the God of Jacob, the God who will never give up on Your purposes for us. God never gives up on His love and purposes for our lives.

Blessing #1 

This first blessing is hard to miss and I know very well that it is truly a privilege!! Thank you, Momma for sending me to work every morning. You are able to sleep in for another hour, yet you chose to wake up at 6am every morning just so that you can drop me off before heading to work.

Blessing #2

A friendly working environment. Honestly, this could have made my 3 months of internship hell but I’m thankful for my direct supervisors who are friendly and understanding.

Blessing #3 

Gym. I am thankful for the gym. Having the majority of my day in the office from 8am-6pm being desk-bound, I am thankful for the privilege to be able to access a gym. Also, this gives me extra time to do what I love while being able to spend time with FA 🙂

Blessing #4 

This leads me to my fourth blessing, which is having the same interest as FA! I am so thankful that we both enjoy going to the gym and we are (somewhat) working towards the same goal! Also, I am thankful that I can look to FA to train me in the gym, wew free personal trainer (hah!)

Blessing #5

I am thankful for my parents who are able and willing to still support me. A very big chunk of it being financial support (thank you thank you I know I spend a lot of your hard-earned money T__T) but also ensuring that I am brought up well. Thank you for teaching me values and life lessons even though I’ll be that angsty child who thinks she is always right.. but y’all never gave up trying.

Blessing #6 

For the friends who entertain me daily and for accepting my disgustingly late replies 🙂 Y’all the true champ… From friends who drop me encouraging articles to read, to friends who bother replying long-ass texts and to friends who put in the effort to still harvest a friendship with this homebody. (I know I am horrible at making plans & all I want to do after a long day at work is to get)

Blessing #7 

I am thankful that both my grandparents are relatively healthy again! In the past month, we have endured several scares and I am thankful that everything seems to be falling into place from here on. Also, a cliche, it is through this that I have learnt to appreciate them more.

Blessing #8 

I am thankful for the grades of my past semester! All glory to God!!! I honestly could not have done this on my own.


I am thankful to be a child of God.

Through it all, despite the crazies of the month, I am thankful that God has been there with me the whole time. Though I often fail to see His blessings at that point in time, it is when I reflect upon incidents that occur I see His grace and mercies. It has been so easy to neglect in the midst of all the hustle but looking back, God has blessed me abundantly.


Thank You for getting me this far!

Partipost App Review: as easy as SNAP.POST.EARN

Partipost App Review: as easy as SNAP.POST.EARN

Hullo friends! It’s been almost a year since I’ve experienced these amazing opportunities through Partipost and ever since it has only been getting better! Let me share with y’all more about this..

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 2.22.50 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-14 at 2.23.28 PM

Doesn’t these pictures look kinda familiar? Some of you may have been wondering what the hashtags meant, or why the random shoutout to different brands? I’ve posted them after I have personally participated in campaigns that I truly enjoyed. Posting them was my genuine hope that my friends and family were be able to experience the perks as well.

For example,

The F45 campaign blessed me with a 2 week FREE trial & we were treated to a kick-ass workout on their opening day! We were given caps and recovery protein smoothies as well.

I was able to bring Lejie along with me on this campaign and despite the early early morning.. we really enjoyed ourselves!

Other campaigns that I have participated in were the X-mini, HonestBee, thePostureLab and ShopBack.

The App has given me countless of opportunities to work with brands that interest me 🙂

So, you must be wondering…

What is Partipost?

Partipost is an App that connects people like you (and me!) to brands such as F45, Nandos, Yishion and many many more. Partipost provides users with the opportunity to participate in social media marketing campaigns!

How to use Partipost?


So, how do you access all these campaigns? Download the Partipost App available on iTunes & GooglePlay) and scroll through the many exciting campaigns till one catches your attention and the next few steps are going to be a breeeeze!


All you have to do is to SNAP a picture, POST it on either Instagram or Facebook and EARN the payout.

The interface of the Partipost App is user friendly and extremely easy to navigate. Upon launching the App, you will be prompted to create an account. You would then have to spend a little time filling in details about your social media accounts and linking them to the App, but trust me, it’s WORTH IT!

Once you’re done with setting up your account, you’ll be led to their main homepage.


Here, you’ll be able to scroll through all the campaigns that are available to you at that point of time! As you can see in the screenshot, you can toggle between Instagram campaigns, Facebook campaigns and Upcoming campaigns.

Payouts differ from campaigns to campaigns, they average from $5- $150 depending on the preferred structure of that particular brand. Usually, the more engagements (likes, comments, tags, shares) are able to garner more payout. Once you are done with a campaign, your payout will be securely transferred to you through the App – money is easy to withdraw to your bank account.

And if you are still wondering…

Who can join? 


If you have less than 500 followers, download the App!

If you have a private account, download the App!

Everyone is welcomed to download the Partipost App and start your own journey 🙂

So what are you waiting for?? Start Snapping while participating in campaigns you are interested in and passionate about, Posting about your experience & Earning through the Partipost App.


The day was going fine, motivation drew from that fact that it is the last day of the work week. Then, lil spur of rebellion kicked in..

Sometimes it takes slowing things down, to be in touch with our emotions and why we are feeling this way.

I feel unrightfully blamed. Picked up the wrong social norm lel

Maybe its the lack of human interaction (this sounds hella pathetic).. The facade of a cheery young girl when in actual fact it’s dull dull isolation.

It’s just dull.

Sometimes the wall gets taken down and you just feel it all at once. Yep, dread.

TGIF indeed, much needed weekend please come to me.

Pitter Patter

Image result for rain tumblr

The sound of cars sloshing amidst the pitter patter on the zinc roof as I long to be home in the comfort of fluffy pillows and PJs. Instead, I am 26km away from home (according to Google Maps) with my favourite The Animal Project tumbler sipping on hot tea. This gloomy weather definitely intensifies the Monday blues.

The weekend that passed was one of respite. On Saturday, I paid a long overdue visit to The Posture Lab that blessed me with a much needed therapy session. You’ll never realise how much you need it till it’s too late! After all the squirming in pain, I met my family for dim summmmmmmmmmm. The company was way better than the food. Carts of dimsum baskets stacked and pipping hot were being pushed around as the waitresses touted the dishes they had. We wondered if they were being paid by commission based on the number of baskets they sold, these waitresses were like hawks – an indication of interest, a slight peek of the many dishes on their cart or a subtle finger-point in their direction would have them zooming over recommending plenty weekend specials of steamed/fried delicacies. It was overwhelming. Lunch was followed with an impromptu trip to Catholic Junior College to watch my cousin perform in St. Joseph’s Institution Military Band performance. Little Dom looked smart and poised with a clarinet in hand as the bandsmen streamed on stage.

Sunday morning had us visiting my grandparents and spending time with Dad before he flew off again. After sending Dad to the airport, Mum and I met up with her friend and her two kiddos. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive being around kids.. (lel) But they were the cutest lil human beings!!! We had a mini hotpot party at our place for dinner, fed coins to a dinosaur coin-box and apparently our bookshelf books with yellowing pages is greatly appreciated by a 7 year old – “mommy! You must see this!! They have a million books here!” (it was one shelf of Enid Blyton books that were at least 10 years old.. haha)

I had such a great weekend despite it being so different from my initial plans (to gym and sleep, which neither of it I ended up doing).

Everyday we hustling

Related image

Today marks the 17th day of internship and I still don’t know how I feel about it. Everyday is a hustle. From the moment the alarm (or rather the series of alarms.. raise your hands if you too have at least 3 alarms. I know I’m not alone) rudely interrupts my slumber, the hustle begins. First, resist the temptation to snooze. Second, power stretch!  Third… you know how it goes… to the bathroom we go!

Wash some veggies for  lunch, sneak a few snacks in, grab a sachet of tea, maybe some coffee for a late afternoon pick-me-up, as I put together my lunch-plus-more box (and I mean bag) my stomach starts to rumble. At least someone’s awake. I sit down at the dining table, have a cup of homemade hot mocha with obviously more coffee than chocolate and scroll through Instagram. What a productive and positively self-affirming start to the day. By 6 am, I was ready to jump into the shower and get dressed for the day.

I am utterly blessed that mia madre is willing to wake up earlier than she has to so that she can send me to work before heading to work herself. By 7 am, mother and daughter, we take on the vast sea of metal on wheeeeeels. It’s so interesting how people from all walks of life (okay, not exactly..) are able to interact (c’mon, road rage??) and negotiate the usage of these roads – don’t you think they’re like veins leading to the heart of our lion city? We’re blood, flowing through the veins to the heart and productivity at work pumps the blood keeping the city alive. Well, bloody hell, I’d better be productive today ;).

These morning rides to work, I’m starting to appreciate and hold close to my heart. With working hours taking up almost the entire day, we barely have time or the energy to sit down and talk to our loved ones. These car rides in the morning has blessed me with the opportunity to spend time with my mother. Even in silence, I start to appreciate her presence.

The mundane hours slowly tick by, second.. by second. The space devoid of souls.. Just like zombies but instead of human flesh, it is the hunger for power, status, recognition and money. As the hours tick by, your trusty technology beeps ‘low battery’. The irony in this depletion.. you’re feeding it your very soul.

Pah, after what feels like eternity, I hop onto the train and engage in mindless entertainment (Sorry Adorno & Horkeimer, I seek comfort in ‘switching off’, so capitalism prevails!)

Tomorrow this cycle continues. (No, don’t take me literally, it’s Saturday.. you get my drift) Hustle bustle…






A break from the constant grinding was well appreciated. I took four days off studying, thank you Deepavali and No-School Fridays. I appreciated the mental and physical break. Smashing in more hours of rest, waking up according to my natural body clock became a luxury while in hall. Mentally, not having to stress about crossing out the to-do list. Just focus on spending time with family, eating together, taking naps, listening to the conversations that my family members exchanged.

I am thankful for the break and it’s back to the grind. The last stretch before finals. This semester has flown by. I’m looking forward to winter break but first, to conclude both my electives then finals.

It’s my mistake to have taken both Thai and Strength Training in the same semester, both of which I want to S/U. Ugh. We’ll see 🙂

Hearing silence

Not being able to fall asleep at midnight heightened my senses. The cold sheets against bare skin. The weight of the duvet – made me feel secure. Lights from apartments still awake, the city that never sleeps. The wheezing of the air conditioning working tirelessly in an endless battle against the humidity. My sore muscles from my gym workout earlier in the day protested with every restless toss and turn. My mind, wandering – why couldn’t I fall asleep? Was it the caffeine? But my last cup of coffee was at 11 am. Was it the caffeine from the Kombucha? Maybe, but barely. Was it the hunger that I felt gnawing at my stomach? What should I eat for breakfast tomorrow?

I closed my eyes and counted to 100. I was still awake. Another 100. Nope, still lying in the dark. I hear the occasional buzz of my phone going off from nocturnal friends. In contrary to silence being the absence of sound, not being able to fall asleep came with buzzy sounds. The more I tried to force myself to sleep, the more I paid attention to these noises. I got frustrated.

I got up, with my duvet and bolster in hand, marched into my mother’s room. The lights were still on and I could hear my mother’s slow deep breaths, she was fast asleep. An open book beside her, she probably fell asleep reading. As I plopped myself beside her, I found comfort at the age of 21, battling a sleepless night.

Last week, I’ve learnt. 

 I have been liking pen and paper journaling and restricting this page to only “exciting holiday trips” which I have yet to find the time to write about my Korea trip. 

  However, after almost 2.5 weeks in Bangkok. I’ve the urge to share what I felt mundane and boring but I guess there’s always more to it. 

  The past few days has been rather eventful but I’ve learnt how perspectives shape our reactions to situations. 

  I’ve been thoroughly blessed yet have not realised it. In my ignorance, I chose to seek the negative and lamented on how everything was just not going my way. 

  Last week, while I was having breakfast in the office. I eyed a brown spot on my forearm. Thinking it was the chocolate milk I was devouring together with my muesli, I took a closer look only to realised tiny legs. It was a tick, clinging onto my skin. I freaked. 

  Last week, my phone was precariously balanced on the toilet roll dispenser. I should have trained it to gain better balance and join the circus. It fell, face first onto the cold, hard floor. A woman shrieked at the sudden loud crash of my poor phone. I gingerly picked it up in hope that as the many other times I’ve neglected the safety of my electronic child.. it would be just fine. But not this time. I saw my phone fading in and out of consciousness.. slowly but surely,  a jet black screen took over my poor child. I spent SGD$172 to get it back to life. 

  Last week, in the heavy rain, my go-to office footwear decided to resign. I’m not rocking the crocodile-mouthed flats. I gave it to the hungry trash bin.

  Last week, I walked bare footed from my office to Asok BTS. Then from the BTS to home, I struggled and stopped every 5 meters to fix my slipper. I guess my slippers  missed their dear sisters, the flats I threw away the day before. (This day too was pouring.) 

  Last week, during a gym class, I was pretty sure the instructor questioned my gender. As a Sociologist, I’d argue that gender is socially constructed but yet we are social animals at the mercy of social norms. He gave me a very odd stare…..

  Last week, I panicked and booked an air ticket home. Not wanting to be an illegal migrant. I didn’t realise that flying back to Bangkok in less than 24 hours would be questionable. I had decisions to make and considerations to account for.

  What I learnt from last week.

That I’ve made amazing friends on this internship. Friends who would go out of the way to help me fix my phone, to bargain for a better price, to eat veggie-foods with me, to hold the umbrella for me in the crazy rain, to give me a warm assuring hug and I truly appreciate everything they’ve done 😌. 

I’ve learnt that I have amazing managers who would care and worry for me as for their child. 

I’ve learnt that my Aunt and Uncle are hospitable and generous in ways more than words could express. My Aunt will never fail to ask me “where are you? 😊” and stay up to make sure I get home safe. She cooks me meals and goes out of the way to get it vegetarian. She picks me up at 10.30pm even though it’s past her bedtime and has to brave the insane traffic. In his little words, my Uncle has shown his care and generousity. Taking time off, he offers to get my visa settled. It took almost 4 hours and $80. 

I’ve learnt that my parents have only ever wanted the best for me. They have only ever loved me. Even when in my limited capacity, I see their actions and words as going against my will, they only love me more in hope that I would be satisfied from my naive choices. They just want me to be happy. Yet, their choices are never wrong and putting down my pride, I’d say “you are right, I’m sorry for doubting you. Thank you for loving me.” Thank you parents for your unconditional love. Many times my stupid mistakes land me in situations where my parents would have to pay A LOT. But they have only ever loved me and wanted the best for me, hoping that the money they spent would grow me in experience and become someone who is worthy of social standards. 

I’ve learnt that money makes the world go round BUT you’ll soon see that it’s not everything. Being so caught up in materialism and monetary pressures, I’ve failed to see that looking beyond, I’ve been ultimately blessed. I was only focused on monetary losses but it blinded me of such generousity and love that people around me were extending to me. 

I have been truly blessed 😊. 

VeganBurg Adventures 

  An unplanned visit to the East brought Feng and I to VeganBurg (woo!). Finally after a year of being Vegan, I laid my hands on these amazeballs burgers. 

  The day started as planned as I made my way to Feng’s place at 9am to watch NBA (go Cleveland!!!). But as Feng expected, the curse lives. Every time he watches their match, they would start to lose the game. I made him breakfast as I snacked on Quinoa Chips. 

  We then Grabhitched to Heartland Mall in Kovan (YAY to “30HITCH”) for my eye lash extension appointment. Yes, I’m vain. 😌 I kinda made a mistake though. I wanted to get pretty lashes for my upcoming holidays and internship but the lady told me it’ll start to get wonky after 1-2weeks and THAT’S when I would be going overseas.. ha ha joke’s on me. But thanks to Fave by Groupon, I scored this appointment for $26 (+$5 because I opted for an eye mask). Initially, I thought I contacted the Kovan outlet but thanks to Feng bugging me ask them if I could start earlier they said they did not have my record in their system and it turns out I booked an appointment with the Tampines outlet 😱 tragic.. 

  Another “30HITCH” we go. I got my lashes done at BeautyVeranda and the lady was really nice! She handed me a form and recorded my eye shape, volume of existing lashes and suggested the style and curl I should go for. I didn’t want extreme lashes just cause I knew I wouldn’t be in make-up 24/7 and dramatic lashes without make-up just looks.. kinda out of place. I opted for the natural and CC-curl. Feng slept on one of their comfy reclining chairs in the corner while I got my lashes done in about 90 minutes. I’m quite pleased with the outcome!! Though I did regret slightly not going for the Super-CC curl, which was what she first suggested but I chickened out. 

  Satisfied with the service and well-rested nap, we left for VeganBurg since we were already in the East. I ordered a char-grilled satay burger with a broccoli side and Feng went for a Smokey-BBQ burger with seaweed fries. We also got to try Vegan bacon at the counter which was offered to us when Feng exclaimed “YOU HAVE BACON?!” 😂.  

  We walked around Tampines One for a bit and left for Bishan GymBoxx. Public gyms are still kinda scary with so many Buff Lords but I think I’m slowing learning that they’re nice people and wouldn’t smash weights on my if I use the machine first.. heh. 

  T’was a greaaaat and eventful day. YAY!