Hectic but blessed 

    These few weeks leading up to our final examinations has been and will be tough. I’ve been battling endless readings after readings and rushing out the last assignments for every module. It has definitely been a hectic weekend + week but I’m blessed :-)! 

  So I’ll bless you with this glorious picture of my banana-mango nicecream! It was breakfast on Monday morning before my very first driving lesson at Bukit Batok Driving Centre. I blended 2 bananas and 3 small mangoes, thought the mangoes were a little underripe the slight hint of sourness was a perfect combination with the sweetness from the bananas. Also, I didn’t know driving would be fun, haha. I’ve always admired people who could drive and thought of it as something that I would do in the future but not presently. Till I sat in the car, everything was so surreal. 

  When the instructor first handed me the keys and said “you can take the driver’s seat”, I was beyond excited. He then briefed me on the interior of the car and proceeded to talk me through some administration matters. Oh, he even thought me how to change a deflated tyre!  About an hour into the lesson, I was driving!!! We drove a couple of rounds around the circuit with minor bends and stops. That was my first ever driving lesson :’). 

  Well my week then proceeded to be a mad rush between lectures and churning out an assignment on the credit card industry. Tbh, I’m pretty skeptical about using Visa now. Haha, I know I shouldn’t be but with all their marketing techniques that were discussed in the film that we had to review.. NETS is the way to go. 

 This week has been a short week though. I’ve blessed myself with a self-proclaimed 5-day weekend! I think I deserve it. I’m on my way to support the B Division Boys Volleyball finals now! Fairfield would be up against St. Hildas, I’m sure it’d be a pretty exciting match. (I also can’t wait to have lunch when I reach) 

Ciao pals! 

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