A picture from my 18 days long trip in Aussie to summarise my 3 month long holiday that is now coming to an end.

  The ocean is unpredictable. It’s strength and power disguised by its calm facade. An occasional wave crashing against the beach has the power to drag a man out into the ocean. It also has the power to set one’s mind at rest. It’s soothing to watch the waves go. 

  On a train packed with people getting on with their day, we all look the same. We would never know what is on the other person’s mind without them telling us. Our lives are only how we want others to see it, the way we portray ourselves and how we interact with others. 

  My trip away from home has allowed me to see from a perspective that I never have had before. I realised that my parents love me so much more than I can comprehend. I realised that I enjoyed conversations that go beyond superficial exchanges with friends that matter. I realised that I actually love winter, a lot! 😄 I realised that my aunt, who I usually only see once a year during the Lunar Chinese New Year, lives a really interesting life in Melbourne. I realised that the time spent with people you love is never enough. I also realised that in life, it is definitely quality over quantity. 

 I’d say that my greatest take away from the trip was something that is intangible. I’ve learnt to look beyond monetary joys and appreciate presence. Maybe this is what avid travellers love about seeing the world. I’m excited to embark on more solo trips (considering this wasn’t exactly one, I just sat on the plane alone haha) 

  Another greater lesson learnt would be to have something to keep yourself entertained on a long flight.. I survived 8 hours of nothingness. It is safe to say that I got bored of myself. 

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