Today we learnt about Godly wisdom and earthly wisdom. Godly wisdom being pure,peace-loving, full on mercy, gentle, bear fruits, sincere and impartial. It really amazes me at how a single attribute of Godly wisdom is already so difficult to achieve, taking gentleness as an example.  Many a time in our day to day circumstances, we often think of ourselves. Things that are truly only beneficial to ourselves and if it benefits others at the same time, then good on them. We are selfish creatures who are made by an Almightly selfless God. 

  It got me thinking about decisions that I have made in life. When I make them on the basis of it being better for others instead of myself, is it really true? Or am I still the sole interest of my choices

  Today I realised that in fact, there are people out there who are wise but I never did take the time to find out. In conversations, it is okay to take a step back and listen. Listen to others talk, to gain insights, to learn.. 

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