Alive but not living 

Recently, in sheer boredom, I downloaded an app disguised as a colouring book. I really liked this picture that I have coloured, animal and man, both co-existing harmoniously ( maybe it’s because she’s a mermaid… But haha she’s still half man) 

School has been draining. In phases of life like these, I often wonder what does one find to write about. Constantly being overwhelmed by submissions and assignments, one after another. Late nights and struggles to get out of bed for class. Despite all these, I’ve realised. We’re always able to find joy, we just have to look beyond our subjective struggles. 

I’ve found joy in meal times where I watch YouTube videos of Vegan vloggers, watching videos on Ted, silly conversations with Roomie, reading my friends’ blogs, learning to love Volleyball once again.. 

I thank God that I am able to find joy. 😌

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