Today has been different

Today has been different. It started off with a cheery “Good Morning, Roomie!” from Rachel. I had managed to wake up earlier than expected, enough time for me to be awake before Rachel leaves for class. When she left, I then had a hearty breakfast- a China pear, cornflakes with Hazelnut Milk and a banana. I was procrastinating as usual, which left me 10 minutes behind time. I would usually walk to class with an allowance of 30 minutes, so I decided to take the shuttle bus to school today. I have had countless of bad experiences with the shuttle buses, they are sporadic, usually packed with students like sardines in a can and also driven by uncles who are not exactly “morning people”.

Not today. I saw the bus from across the road, I was contemplating on making a run for it but experience tells me that I should not. (I once sprinted only to have the uncle close the doors in my face and he drove off ) Not today, I was surprised, the uncle actually waited for me. On the bus, I was busy scrolling through recipes from Vegan Richa‘s blog when a Caucasian lady boarded the shuttle and greeted the uncle with a jolly “Hello! Good Morning!”. This greeting reminded me of my holiday in Australia. Weilin was telling me how it is a norm for everyone to thank the bus drivers there but when she did that in Singapore it resulted in her getting stares with all the passengers on board. Honestly, sometimes I wished I did not care so much of what others would think of me and do what should be done. When I reached my stop, I thanked the driver and left. I hope I would remember to thank them for their service in the future, also even when they are not that nice in the mornings.

Today has been different, God prompted me. I saw the Auntie with hunched back, a broom and a dust pan, she shuffled from door to door along the corridor sweeping. When I walked past her, she looked up at me and smiled. It was a genuine smile. I thought to myself “how could she be so happy doing her job that seemed so physically demanding for her frail frame”.  God said “Go. Thank her.” and no, I did not walk up to her straight away and thanked her. I doubted and felt insecure. I was shy, I questioned if it was really God speaking to me. The Holy Spirit has It’s ways. I plucked up courage, wrote her a note with a snack and left the room. She wasn’t there anymore. I was disheartened. I was wondering if it was God who has asked me to go, why would he make her leave before I did it. I doubted God again. I procrastinated (again), I made coffee and God was not going to let me off this time. He said “Go.” I went outside, I tried to listen for her shuffling, or the sound of her broom against the tiles. I thought I heard the sound of someone emptying the dustpan on the second floor, I went down and true enough, I saw her shuffling along the second floor still sweeping.

Today has been different. I am blessed by her “Thank you!”. I am blessed by the people around me. I am truly blessed.

Today has been different. God prompted me. I am thankful. Thankful that God has chosen to use me.

Today has been different. I like Today. 🙂

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