Granola & rice chex

  One thing I really dislike about staying home is the fact that I cannot stop grazing.. I will pay the kitchen a fruitless (literally, because we have no fruits 😟) visit even though I already know that there is nothing for me to snack on. Haha is this what boredom does to one? 

  I have studying for my Final Theory Test for the entire day! I completed the 10 practice papers and I’ll be going through the textbook soon. If I fail again tomorrow (which will very well be my fifth time failing.. bless..), I’ll be so disappointed!! But positivity! Things are going to be different tomorrow. 

  However, because of my mindless grazing and also because I love procrastinating (hehe), I made granola! I adapted the recipe from Feastingonfruit and I am super amazed by the outcome. They were crunchy, sweet and I even added my new fav cereal (rice chex) in there!! And because I cannot wait to enjoy freshly baked granola, I’m going to have nice cream for dinner 😋 SQUEE!! 

  Enough of the procrastination, I shall continue studying. HOPING FOR THE BEST!!! 

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