Dreams and reality? 

Despite the philosophical sounding title of the blog post, it is going to be nothing even close! I’m walking to class (late as usual..) hidden under my jacket draped over my head as I seek shelter from the rain. “No, not today” I lamented as I woke up to the sound of the trees rustling and the pitter patter of the falling water droplets. I’m walking to an 8 am class bag is supposedly scheduled for 8.30am.. why am I walking? Because the shuttle bus is not in service, it’s too early. I can hear my stomach grumbling, my eyes barely open.. why would my professor torture his students in this manner? I wish I’d knew. (I’ve 7 more minutes till lecture begins) 

However! If I were to go through all that any other day, I’d have been extremely moody (from the lack of sleep) the entire day but today I woke up exceptionally happy. I’m guessing it was because of my dream last night. It was rather odd but it definitely made my morning. I dreamt that as I was lying on my bed getting ready to sleep, Rachel accidentally toppled an entire bowl of soup and beans onto the floor! In response I just laughed so hard, so much so I woke up feeling jolly. 

(Continuing the post after class) 

I’m thankful for that dream though because my 8am lecture proved to be rather eye opening and mind boggling. We watched a film, Bordertown. To be honest, I felt small and useless. Slightly angered by the fact that we are so blessed yet many are suffering and we are oblivious.. Then again, not only we are  oblivious, we are unable to do anything to help them. Authorities mask all these for their economical benefits. It made me feel uneasy that I could be living life the way I am when others are suffering and living in fear, daily
The rest of my day went by, and soon.. these people are once again forgotten but still suffering. 

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