After months of whatsapp messages, infrequent replies and much contemplation on where to go, we finally decided on Krabi. Through finals, all I could think about was this trip and the day finally arrived! Our flight was at 2pm on 6 December, which blessed me with time in the morning to pack my luggage 😜

Since we decided on using the pocket wifi for our 6 days trip, the first thing I did upon reaching Changi was to look for the Changi Recommends Counter at the Departure Hall. The guy passed me a blue pouch which I thought would be a burden to carry around, but actually the pocket wifi device was smaller than the size of an iPhone and was not a hassle to carry around. In the pouch was the charger and an adapter (which came in handy because I forgot mine..) and it only costs $5/day with the promotion that is ongoing (promo code: TRIP5 till 31 March). Also, the reservation is hassle free, you just have to reserve it online through their website, indicating which country you are visiting, how many days you are staying and personal particulars. Collect it on the day you travel and you are good to go! I guess the only down side to it was that because we had so many devices to charge, the Hua Wei device was flat pretty often. You can read more about it here, though it may be a little different because she travelled to Europe.

I then had lunch with Sheryel and her mother, Aunty Grace, at Chutney Mary, an Indian fast food restaurant that served Vegetarian food which satisfies our dietary preference! I had a plate of idly that came with small sides of dal and other dipping condiments that I’m not too familiar with but the food was good.  We ate till the very last minute and when we passed through the Departure gates, we were left with approximately 15 minutes to get to the gate. We leisurely shopped for sunglasses that Sheryel was interested to get but did not manage to find any that suited her preference. When we got to the gate, we were the last to board the plane and apparently passengers sitting in our row had taken up our luggage compartment. We had to lug our luggage to the 7th row (we were sat in the 1st) and dumped it there. An hour and fifteen minutes later, WE WERE IN KRABI! But because our luggages were a distance from where we sat, we could not reach it and were the last to get off the plane. Our flight arrival was slightly delayed as well, we landed at around 3.40pm and the hotel airport transport was already there waiting for us.


We checked into Buri Tara Resort and the receptionist led us to our room. Check out the cute elephant towels!! We settled down and left to figure out the new city we were in. Our first stop was a local shop that resembled a “mama shop” in Singapore. I urged Sheryel to try freeze dried durian which we then bought and shared. (Let us welcome her to the dark side, she likes durian now) After idling around, we decided to head for dinner.

We were searching online and on Trip Advisor on Vegan restaurants that were in Ao Nang, Krabi and as we were scouring the Internet, we physically walked pass Govinda’s Restaurant and decided to try it out. Govinda’s Restaurant was a small and personal place accompanied by the quirky ambience but we settled for that because our stomachs were rumbling in hunger.  I had an Empanada and Kitchari while Sheryel had a muffin and Kechori. Little did I know that the Kitchari was lentils and rice (it looked like lentil soup), I was soooo full from dinner.

After dinner, we stopped by a local shop as we were strolling to Ao Nang beach and we bought a pair of beach shorts each, I bought a sarong and a waterproof bag while Sheryel got herself a beautiful bikini and we got ripped off because we suck at bargaining. The amazing sunset that we managed to catch at Ao Nang Beach after was definitely a consolation. What we realised was that that sun sets super early in Krabi, at around 6pm – 6.30pm it starts to get dark. We spent a few minutes snapping pictures and feeding the mosquitoes.

Then we decided to retire early for the day as we had a tour the next morning. We challenged each other to a plank competition and I lost.. and  I obviously fell asleep way before Sheryel did.


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