Joo Chiat Flagship Restaurant 

Opening: 1130am-3pm/ 6-930pm

229 Joo Chiat Road, #01-01, 427489

Contact: 6348 6318

On Christmas Eve I visited Loving Hut with my family! 😊   Here’s what we ordered:


Hokkien Noodle


The Hokkien noodle was my favourite! Ever since going Vegan in March I have occasionally craved Hokkien noodles which I loved since forever, however the yellow noodles (which contains egg), meat, seafood, and it being sometimes cooked in pork lard kept me away. I was overjoyed when I saw that Loving Hut had Hokkien noodle on their menu, there was no hesitation in ordering this.

Slurping the soft noodles that were drenched in the sauce that resembled the non-Vegan version made me dance in my seat with joy. Mushrooms, cabbage and mock crabmeat supplemented the texture of the noodles. What I liked best was the fact that the sauce was not too salty. It allowed me to rekindle my love for Hokkien noodles. I will definitely be back for more.

Char Kway Teow

I am not a fan of Char Kway Teow even as a non-Vegan but I would say that this dish tasted pretty legit! I remember eating a mouthful of it and exclaiming: “MOM! I TASTE CLAMS!!!” Till today, I still do not know what it was but I’m sure it is Vegan and delicious 😉

Orh Luah- which my grandparents could not resist and dug in before the photo

Another dish that I used to love!! I remember being in Taiwan last year and I had an Orh Luah almost everyday (guilty.. so many clams and eggs) but I liked the dish because of the chewiness from the glutinous flour. I also occasionally missed eggs (especially omelettes) as a Vegan (but ethics > self) and this dish, though slightly oily, hit the spot. The “egg” was actually fresh soy chip that was fried with flour and mushrooms (the oysters!). The edges of the Orh Luah were crispy and the rest of it chewy with tinge of sour from the lime. The mushrooms tasted even better than oysters because it did not have the raw taste that oysters had. I had a mouthful of this dish and the rest was demolished by my non-Vegan family members (now that speaks wonders for this dish!).

Satay with Peanut Sauce, Cucumber, Pineapple and Rice Cubes 

“It tastes like the real thing!” cried my Grandmother as she reached for another piece of Satay. The Satay pieces dipped in the Peanut Sauce was a match made in heaven. The sauce was spiced to perfection, it is not too spicy and in my opinion, the best part was how it complemented the Satay pieces. On its own, the Satay pieces were slightly oily but after dipped them in the Peanut Sauce, it is heavenly. However, the rice cubes, according to my Grandmother were a little hard. This can be overlooked by the pineapple chunks that were served at the side as they were super sweet! (I am impressed because I just came back from Bangkok and they served the sweetest pineapples ever, these were just the same). The cucumber cubes were refreshing and light as compared to the rest of the dish.

Soy Latte 

To be honest, I am not able to tell the difference between good coffee and average ones. I am satisfied as long as there is coffee and non-Dairy milk!

My Grandparents were initially slightly apprehensive of this Vegan restaurant because to them “Vegan”/”Vegetarian” food does not and will not taste like the “real thing”. However, I am sure that Loving Hut has converted them. My Grandparents and Parents were beyond amazed at how Loving hut was able to recreate dishes so perfectly. I recalled my Grandfather wanting to order “Chicken” Fried Rice but hesitated because it was Vegan. He enjoyed the rest of the dishes we ordered nonetheless and his tastebuds are definitely not the easiest to please. My Grandmother piped up while reaching out to pick up a Satay piece that the food at Loving Hut was “really very good!”.  It brings my sheer joy every time my family agrees or offers to eat Vegan meals with me. Looking at the big picture may seem daunting and discouraging, being the only Vegan in the family or around friends but baby steps will get us there! Every meal counts, if we are not able to get the people around us to go Vegan, take them to Vegan restaurants just like Loving Hut so that they will be exposed to delicious Vegan food and realise that we are not that different. We still get to enjoy good Singaporean/Malaysian food without harming animals ☺️ Do check them out, I really enjoyed my Christmas Eve lunch.


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