Haakon – Superfood & Juice


Viking Protein Bowl & Green and Lean Bowl 


Two days ago I finally visited Haakon after hearing so many reccomendations about it from friends! Out of sheer curiosity and excitement, I googled their Menu. Being a Vegan, it is not difficult to eat out but usually there would not be that many options on what to eat. However, that is not the case at Haakon! My Veggie friends!! There is a Vegan Salad – with edamame, avocado, hummus, quinoa and much more. It is filled with healthy fats and lots of plant-based protein. Also, they serve a wide variety of smoothies,  superfood bowls and juices. Do keep in mind that the shop is not 100% Vegan though, so for example, in the Acai Protein Viking Bowl there is Whey Protein but there are so many other delicious superfood bowls to choose from. I asked if they used dairy and she assured me that they made use of soy milk (but to be sure, you can check again :-))

I arrived at Holland Village, expectant, excited and very hungry! I was definitely ready to indulge in a yummy good food. I decided to try the Green and Lean bowl while Feng An had the Viking Protein Bowl. Our food came swiftly (which made my grumbling stomach really happy). Tucking into the superfood bowl, I felt that the blend of spinach and mango was a little icy (I am not sure if it was meant to be that way) but it still tasted good. Topped with banana, goji berries, nuts, granoooola and almond butter (bae.bae.bae). The frozen blend and toppings complemented each other really well. The granola and nuts added a crunch to every bite. I also think that almond butter and bananas are a match made in heaven. I could not try Feng An’s Salad but what I can commend on is the serving size. They did not hold back on the ingredients that they used and when Feng asked for more sesame dressing, they offered him more in a cute lil’ saucer. The staff there were also extremely friendly and welcoming! 🙂

I think that Haakon is a place that is perfect to visit with friends of different dietary preferences because they provide a variety of options to cater to different needs. They also serve an all-day breakfast that looks delishhhh but its poached eggs (haha oh well! the old me would have been very happy) I would definitely be back to try the other superfood bowls!!

Holland Village

118 Holland Ave
#01-03 Raffles Holland V
Singapore 278997  (very accessible, directly opposite Holland V MRT)

Opening Hours:
8am to 10pm
Mondays to Sundays

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