Handpicked by God


Ever felt like you are nothing in comparison? or feeling insignificant in daily interactions. We work hard to please the world, to gain acceptance.. I realised that I have been chasing the wrong goals that left me feeling beaten up and lousy. The constant fear of someone being better than you, or having to be the best or else.. I agree that a little stress and competition is healthy to fuel progress, however when it gets overwhelming it engulfs from the inside out. I lost the very reason why you loved what i did, I lost the goals set in mind for personal growth because of superficial acceptance, I lost myself amidst the unhealthy mental competition. I lost myself in self loathe as I loathe on others for putting me down, the blame game. I worked slowly for the acceptance of man. It was tiring, mentally draining, but all.. for the acceptance of man. What did I gain?

I realised it all lies because I was focusing on the wrong perspective. I wanted people to acknowledge that I was good, that I was improving. I wanted recognition, I wanted past fame.. I wanted glory (for myself).

This really left me under a lot of pressure from both myself and circumstances. Constant bombardment of stress “bombs”. Timely reminder from this image found on Pinterest, “We may be overlooked my others but we are handpicked by God”. We are perfect in His eyes.

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