Last week, I’ve learnt. 

 I have been liking pen and paper journaling and restricting this page to only “exciting holiday trips” which I have yet to find the time to write about my Korea trip. 

  However, after almost 2.5 weeks in Bangkok. I’ve the urge to share what I felt mundane and boring but I guess there’s always more to it. 

  The past few days has been rather eventful but I’ve learnt how perspectives shape our reactions to situations. 

  I’ve been thoroughly blessed yet have not realised it. In my ignorance, I chose to seek the negative and lamented on how everything was just not going my way. 

  Last week, while I was having breakfast in the office. I eyed a brown spot on my forearm. Thinking it was the chocolate milk I was devouring together with my muesli, I took a closer look only to realised tiny legs. It was a tick, clinging onto my skin. I freaked. 

  Last week, my phone was precariously balanced on the toilet roll dispenser. I should have trained it to gain better balance and join the circus. It fell, face first onto the cold, hard floor. A woman shrieked at the sudden loud crash of my poor phone. I gingerly picked it up in hope that as the many other times I’ve neglected the safety of my electronic child.. it would be just fine. But not this time. I saw my phone fading in and out of consciousness.. slowly but surely,  a jet black screen took over my poor child. I spent SGD$172 to get it back to life. 

  Last week, in the heavy rain, my go-to office footwear decided to resign. I’m not rocking the crocodile-mouthed flats. I gave it to the hungry trash bin.

  Last week, I walked bare footed from my office to Asok BTS. Then from the BTS to home, I struggled and stopped every 5 meters to fix my slipper. I guess my slippers  missed their dear sisters, the flats I threw away the day before. (This day too was pouring.) 

  Last week, during a gym class, I was pretty sure the instructor questioned my gender. As a Sociologist, I’d argue that gender is socially constructed but yet we are social animals at the mercy of social norms. He gave me a very odd stare…..

  Last week, I panicked and booked an air ticket home. Not wanting to be an illegal migrant. I didn’t realise that flying back to Bangkok in less than 24 hours would be questionable. I had decisions to make and considerations to account for.

  What I learnt from last week.

That I’ve made amazing friends on this internship. Friends who would go out of the way to help me fix my phone, to bargain for a better price, to eat veggie-foods with me, to hold the umbrella for me in the crazy rain, to give me a warm assuring hug and I truly appreciate everything they’ve done 😌. 

I’ve learnt that I have amazing managers who would care and worry for me as for their child. 

I’ve learnt that my Aunt and Uncle are hospitable and generous in ways more than words could express. My Aunt will never fail to ask me “where are you? 😊” and stay up to make sure I get home safe. She cooks me meals and goes out of the way to get it vegetarian. She picks me up at 10.30pm even though it’s past her bedtime and has to brave the insane traffic. In his little words, my Uncle has shown his care and generousity. Taking time off, he offers to get my visa settled. It took almost 4 hours and $80. 

I’ve learnt that my parents have only ever wanted the best for me. They have only ever loved me. Even when in my limited capacity, I see their actions and words as going against my will, they only love me more in hope that I would be satisfied from my naive choices. They just want me to be happy. Yet, their choices are never wrong and putting down my pride, I’d say “you are right, I’m sorry for doubting you. Thank you for loving me.” Thank you parents for your unconditional love. Many times my stupid mistakes land me in situations where my parents would have to pay A LOT. But they have only ever loved me and wanted the best for me, hoping that the money they spent would grow me in experience and become someone who is worthy of social standards. 

I’ve learnt that money makes the world go round BUT you’ll soon see that it’s not everything. Being so caught up in materialism and monetary pressures, I’ve failed to see that looking beyond, I’ve been ultimately blessed. I was only focused on monetary losses but it blinded me of such generousity and love that people around me were extending to me. 

I have been truly blessed 😊. 

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