Everyday we hustling

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Today marks the 17th day of internship and I still don’t know how I feel about it. Everyday is a hustle. From the moment the alarm (or rather the series of alarms.. raise your hands if you too have at least 3 alarms. I know I’m not alone) rudely interrupts my slumber, the hustle begins. First, resist the temptation to snooze. Second, power stretch!  Third… you know how it goes… to the bathroom we go!

Wash some veggies for  lunch, sneak a few snacks in, grab a sachet of tea, maybe some coffee for a late afternoon pick-me-up, as I put together my lunch-plus-more box (and I mean bag) my stomach starts to rumble. At least someone’s awake. I sit down at the dining table, have a cup of homemade hot mocha with obviously more coffee than chocolate and scroll through Instagram. What a productive and positively self-affirming start to the day. By 6 am, I was ready to jump into the shower and get dressed for the day.

I am utterly blessed that mia madre is willing to wake up earlier than she has to so that she can send me to work before heading to work herself. By 7 am, mother and daughter, we take on the vast sea of metal on wheeeeeels. It’s so interesting how people from all walks of life (okay, not exactly..) are able to interact (c’mon, road rage??) and negotiate the usage of these roads – don’t you think they’re like veins leading to the heart of our lion city? We’re blood, flowing through the veins to the heart and productivity at work pumps the blood keeping the city alive. Well, bloody hell, I’d better be productive today ;).

These morning rides to work, I’m starting to appreciate and hold close to my heart. With working hours taking up almost the entire day, we barely have time or the energy to sit down and talk to our loved ones. These car rides in the morning has blessed me with the opportunity to spend time with my mother. Even in silence, I start to appreciate her presence.

The mundane hours slowly tick by, second.. by second. The space devoid of souls.. Just like zombies but instead of human flesh, it is the hunger for power, status, recognition and money. As the hours tick by, your trusty technology beeps ‘low battery’. The irony in this depletion.. you’re feeding it your very soul.

Pah, after what feels like eternity, I hop onto the train and engage in mindless entertainment (Sorry Adorno & Horkeimer, I seek comfort in ‘switching off’, so capitalism prevails!)

Tomorrow this cycle continues. (No, don’t take me literally, it’s Saturday.. you get my drift) Hustle bustle…





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