Pitter Patter

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The sound of cars sloshing amidst the pitter patter on the zinc roof as I long to be home in the comfort of fluffy pillows and PJs. Instead, I am 26km away from home (according to Google Maps) with my favourite The Animal Project tumbler sipping on hot tea. This gloomy weather definitely intensifies the Monday blues.

The weekend that passed was one of respite. On Saturday, I paid a long overdue visit to The Posture Lab that blessed me with a much needed therapy session. You’ll never realise how much you need it till it’s too late! After all the squirming in pain, I met my family for dim summmmmmmmmmm. The company was way better than the food. Carts of dimsum baskets stacked and pipping hot were being pushed around as the waitresses touted the dishes they had. We wondered if they were being paid by commission based on the number of baskets they sold, these waitresses were like hawks – an indication of interest, a slight peek of the many dishes on their cart or a subtle finger-point in their direction would have them zooming over recommending plenty weekend specials of steamed/fried delicacies. It was overwhelming. Lunch was followed with an impromptu trip to Catholic Junior College to watch my cousin perform in St. Joseph’s Institution Military Band performance. Little Dom looked smart and poised with a clarinet in hand as the bandsmen streamed on stage.

Sunday morning had us visiting my grandparents and spending time with Dad before he flew off again. After sending Dad to the airport, Mum and I met up with her friend and her two kiddos. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive being around kids.. (lel) But they were the cutest lil human beings!!! We had a mini hotpot party at our place for dinner, fed coins to a dinosaur coin-box and apparently our bookshelf books with yellowing pages is greatly appreciated by a 7 year old – “mommy! You must see this!! They have a million books here!” (it was one shelf of Enid Blyton books that were at least 10 years old.. haha)

I had such a great weekend despite it being so different from my initial plans (to gym and sleep, which neither of it I ended up doing).

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