Hullo friends! It’s been almost a year since I’ve experienced these amazing opportunities through Partipost and ever since it has only been getting better! Let me share with y’all more about this..

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 2.22.50 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-14 at 2.23.28 PM

Doesn’t these pictures look kinda familiar? Some of you may have been wondering what the hashtags meant, or why the random shoutout to different brands? I’ve posted them after I have personally participated in campaigns that I truly enjoyed. Posting them was my genuine hope that my friends and family were be able to experience the perks as well.

For example,

The F45 campaign blessed me with a 2 week FREE trial & we were treated to a kick-ass workout on their opening day! We were given caps and recovery protein smoothies as well.

I was able to bring Lejie along with me on this campaign and despite the early early morning.. we really enjoyed ourselves!

Other campaigns that I have participated in were the X-mini, HonestBee, thePostureLab and ShopBack.

The App has given me countless of opportunities to work with brands that interest me 🙂

So, you must be wondering…

What is Partipost?

Partipost is an App that connects people like you (and me!) to brands such as F45, Nandos, Yishion and many many more. Partipost provides users with the opportunity to participate in social media marketing campaigns!

How to use Partipost?


So, how do you access all these campaigns? Download the Partipost App available on iTunes & GooglePlay) and scroll through the many exciting campaigns till one catches your attention and the next few steps are going to be a breeeeze!


All you have to do is to SNAP a picture, POST it on either Instagram or Facebook and EARN the payout.

The interface of the Partipost App is user friendly and extremely easy to navigate. Upon launching the App, you will be prompted to create an account. You would then have to spend a little time filling in details about your social media accounts and linking them to the App, but trust me, it’s WORTH IT!

Once you’re done with setting up your account, you’ll be led to their main homepage.


Here, you’ll be able to scroll through all the campaigns that are available to you at that point of time! As you can see in the screenshot, you can toggle between Instagram campaigns, Facebook campaigns and Upcoming campaigns.

Payouts differ from campaigns to campaigns, they average from $5- $150 depending on the preferred structure of that particular brand. Usually, the more engagements (likes, comments, tags, shares) are able to garner more payout. Once you are done with a campaign, your payout will be securely transferred to you through the App – money is easy to withdraw to your bank account.

And if you are still wondering…

Who can join? 


If you have less than 500 followers, download the App!

If you have a private account, download the App!

Everyone is welcomed to download the Partipost App and start your own journey 🙂

So what are you waiting for?? Start Snapping while participating in campaigns you are interested in and passionate about, Posting about your experience & Earning through the Partipost App.

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