Eight Blessings

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As of 6pm today, I am 50% done with my internship. Through the past 8 weeks or so, I have only focused on the complains of early mornings and have not been focusing on how thoroughly blessed I am instead. My take-away from Our Daily Bread this morning has prompted me to acknowledge the blessings I have received.

Lord, so often we feel trapped by our mistakes, thinking there’s no future left for us. Remind us that you are the God of Jacob, the God who will never give up on Your purposes for us. God never gives up on His love and purposes for our lives.

Blessing #1 

This first blessing is hard to miss and I know very well that it is truly a privilege!! Thank you, Momma for sending me to work every morning. You are able to sleep in for another hour, yet you chose to wake up at 6am every morning just so that you can drop me off before heading to work.

Blessing #2

A friendly working environment. Honestly, this could have made my 3 months of internship hell but I’m thankful for my direct supervisors who are friendly and understanding.

Blessing #3 

Gym. I am thankful for the gym. Having the majority of my day in the office from 8am-6pm being desk-bound, I am thankful for the privilege to be able to access a gym. Also, this gives me extra time to do what I love while being able to spend time with FA 🙂

Blessing #4 

This leads me to my fourth blessing, which is having the same interest as FA! I am so thankful that we both enjoy going to the gym and we are (somewhat) working towards the same goal! Also, I am thankful that I can look to FA to train me in the gym, wew free personal trainer (hah!)

Blessing #5

I am thankful for my parents who are able and willing to still support me. A very big chunk of it being financial support (thank you thank you I know I spend a lot of your hard-earned money T__T) but also ensuring that I am brought up well. Thank you for teaching me values and life lessons even though I’ll be that angsty child who thinks she is always right.. but y’all never gave up trying.

Blessing #6 

For the friends who entertain me daily and for accepting my disgustingly late replies 🙂 Y’all the true champ… From friends who drop me encouraging articles to read, to friends who bother replying long-ass texts and to friends who put in the effort to still harvest a friendship with this homebody. (I know I am horrible at making plans & all I want to do after a long day at work is to get)

Blessing #7 

I am thankful that both my grandparents are relatively healthy again! In the past month, we have endured several scares and I am thankful that everything seems to be falling into place from here on. Also, a cliche, it is through this that I have learnt to appreciate them more.

Blessing #8 

I am thankful for the grades of my past semester! All glory to God!!! I honestly could not have done this on my own.


I am thankful to be a child of God.

Through it all, despite the crazies of the month, I am thankful that God has been there with me the whole time. Though I often fail to see His blessings at that point in time, it is when I reflect upon incidents that occur I see His grace and mercies. It has been so easy to neglect in the midst of all the hustle but looking back, God has blessed me abundantly.


Thank You for getting me this far!

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